LGBTI Training Package

LGBTI Training Package

LGBTI people face a complex array of challenges and threats, including discrimination, prejudice, violence, difficulty accessing humanitarian services and barriers to articulating their protection needs to assisting organizations. Efforts to improve the protection of LGBTI people have recently gained increased attention and support from States and the broader humanitarian and human rights community. Despite significant activity in this area, discrimination, neglect and persecution of LGBTI people is still endemic. 

This LGBTI Training Package introduces participants to foundation topics related to working with LGBTI people in the humanitarian context, including terminology, global issues, the types of discrimination and persecution LGBTI people face, how to successfully communicate with LGBTI people, problematic assumptions we may have that can impact the provision of effective assistance, and frequently asked questions about LGBTI issues.

To take this training webinar, you will need the Participant Workbook on Working with LGBTI persons in the Humanitarian Context. Links to all support material are available below.


Training Overview for Facilitators


Module 1 - Foundation topics


Module 2 - Conducting Interviews


Module 3 - Operational Protection


Module 4 - Thematic Topics


Module 05 Refugee Status Determination

This module must be requested directly from UNHCR. Please email Jennifer Rumbach, for more information.


Short Sessions

1-Hour Information Session - Foundation Topics (Updating soon)

3-Hour Briefing Session - Foundation Topics (Updating soon)


Training Aides



Webinar Videos


Webinar Participant Workbooks

A webinar on Operational Protection and Emergencies will be added in 2016. Please check back!